Ordering Uniforms

You can order the white polo shirts for boys by following these instructions. Shirts costs $14- $16 and includes the embroidered name of your Jamaat under the official logo for you. Please make sure you carefully study the size chart at the end of this page before placing your order. We also recommend that you call the vendor to clarify your questions before placing the order.


What is the uniform for boys?
Boys should wear an Atfal cap, tan or black pants and a Tahir Academy white polo shirt.

What is the uniform for girls?

Girls are encouraged to wear white hijab, knee length long sleeve shirts, without any lettering on the clothes.

Can we also order Tahir Academy caps?
No. Boys should use the caps designed by Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya.

How do we place an order?
Place your order by sending an email to Marie at mmarucci@xsellpromo.com and copy your email to Naser Noor sb (Naseranoor@gmail.com). In the order, clearly state the number of each size of shirts you require, along with your branch of Tahir Academy (RTP, OshKosh etc.) so that the Tahir Academy logo and name of your local majlis appears on the shirt.

What’s the price of shirts and how do we pay?

Each shirt costs ~$16 depending on the quantity ordered. The invoice will be sent to the person ordering and copied to Naser Noor sb. Payments are due immediately upon receipt of invoice. Credit cards or checks are acceptable.

What if we want to place orders for polo shirt with our own local vendor?
Of course you can do that. But make sure that you don’t change anything in the logo and lettering. We share the information of this vendor only because it has been tested, and their quality is good.

Recommended vendors:

East Coast: Marie E. Marucci, Sportsline/XSell Promotions, 8001 Harford Road, Parkville, MD 21234-5701 – P: (410) 882-8001 F: (410) 663-8771 Web site @ www.xsellpromo.com

West Coast: Contact Aun. Stitches N Prints, Inc. 16009 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248. Off: (310) 366-7537  Fax: (310) 366-7507  Cell: (310) 308-1060  Web: www.snpink.com