We recommend that Tahir Academy administration should plan two field trips every year. One of these trip could be a picnic of all students and parents. Field trips are necessary to enhance student’s learning and knowledge by observing and relating their studies to the real world. Picnics allow parents to spend time with their children in a relaxed atmosphere.

Funding for each student is provided by Jamaat. Parents and administration are expected to pay for their own expenses. Under unique circumstances, the administration may request additional contributions from parents to offset the cost of the field trip. However, no student should be denied participation in the field trip because of his/her inability to contribute towards the cost.

Tahir Academy is free!

Every year, National Tahir Academy team contacts each Jamaat President and Tahir Academy Principal, asking them to submit a budget. Once received, all budgets are reviewed and approved.

Use this link to submit your funding request.

Funding is available for food, school supplies and field trips. Property related expenses (buying chairs, tables, dividers, etc) should not be incurred the Tahir Academy budget; please submit a separate request to National Property Secretary for such requests.

Local Tahir Academy related expense can be submitted to local finance secretary (along with original receipts) for reimbursement. The local finance secretary will submit those receipts with monthly Income and Expense Report to the Markaz for Jamaat’s reimbursement.