Why Start a Tahir Academy?

In the United States, we have over 4,000 Ahmadi Muslim boys and girls under the age of 15. Special emphasis for the religious education of these children is needed.

Tahir Academy is the name of a comprehensive weekend school which provides additional human and financial resources for our auxiliaries, missionaries, Murabi Atfal and interested parents to work in a collaborative fashion. This initiative was unanimously recommended by the 2014 Majlis-e-Shura and approved by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (may Allah be his helper).

Getting to the First Board Meeting

If your Jamaat is planning on establishing a Tahir Academy, we recommend first scheduling an in-person board meeting. The board is comprised of the local Tarbiyat Secretary, Missionary, Qaid Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Sadr Lajna Imaillah, Zaim Ansarullah, Waqfe Nau Secretary, and Murrabi Atfal. The Jamaat President serves as the board chairman. The Board nominates a principal and administrative staff to run the Academy’s operations. Initially, all administrative decisions (e.g. the day of the week Tahir Academy convenes, class duration, teacher selection, etc.) should be made with the consensus of the local board. Later on, boards provide support in shaping policy and resolving problems.

Atfal, Nasirat and Waqfe Nau Classes

Tahir Academy supplements – and does not replace – classes which Nazim Atfal and Secretary Nasirat hold. Each Tahir Academy session, has a dedicated 40 minute class for auxiliaries. Broadly speaking however, Tahir Academy is a home of our Atfal and Nasirat, meaning that all the classes under Tahir Academy ultimately teach the same unified syllabus.

Tahir Academy Reporting

At this stage, we are not asking any formal reports from Tahir Academies. Auxiliaries can report all the activities under the full Tahir Academy schedule in their reporting structure.

Waqfe Nau

Per a National Waqfe Nau Department directive, the local Waqfe Nau secretary must conduct separate Waqfe Nau classes.

Admission and Registration

While some guidelines may vary, the general guidelines are as follows:

  • All Ahmadi Muslim students between the ages of 5-15 can attend Tahir Academy.
  • There is no fee for admission, registration, or attending Tahir Academy.
  • Registration typically begins in the July-August time frame.
  • Classes typically begin from Labor Day weekend.
  • Existing students should re-enroll annually.
  • Special exceptions can be made to enroll a new child during the year, pending permission from the board.
  • While you can group students according to their age, remain flexible to move student up or down a grade based on their knowledge level.
  • If you have less than 10 students, an academy can be established with 1 teacher and 1 administrator (principal), with the administrator also serving as a teacher. For every ten students thereafter, consider adding at least 1-2 teachers. Once the total number of students rises above 30, we strongly recommend having one or more vice principals.

For More Information

We are always here to answer your questions. Some ways we can help:

  1. Answer all questions at your first board meeting
  2. Connect you with other Tahir Academy principals
  3. Approve funding for your operational needs
  4. Develop a consensus between all local Tahir Academy board members

Contact our National Coordinator at naseranoor@gmail.com or call 714-348-3679

Contact National Assistant Secretary Tarbiyat Asim Ansari at Ansari1300@gmail.com or call 909-910-4430