"I am so glad that we have Tahir Academy classes almost every Sunday. It has really helped me learn the true history of Islam. I am excited to say that because of Tahir Academy, I have taken another step towards success and it will definitely guide me in this very own world and will help me help our Jamaat. Ameen."

Arfa Butt, Level 4,

Student, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"Tahir Academy teaches kids a lot of things which we did not know. The best part is that it's not boring and is in a fun environment. Tahir Academy also has different subjects which is good. The classes are very interactive."

Ibraheem Mirza, 11 years old

Student, Tahir Academy RTP

"Tahir Academy teaches you stuff which helps you become a better Muslim. I like history because we do fun activities. We get to do story time in values, which is fun." 

Enaya Mirza, 7 years old

Student, Tahir Academy RTP

"Tahir Academy taught me the religious knowledge that probably I would have never learned without it. It helped me memorize various chapter of Holy Qur'an. Most importantly, Tahir Academy has created the love of Allah in me. Alhamdolillah. JazakAllah to all my teachers."

Ameer Nomani, 11 years old, Level 6B

Student, Tahir Academy LA East

"We are THANKFUL for Tahir Academy for teaching us ARABIC , HISTORY,  ISLAM & RESPECT"


Mahrosh Khan  and Mohid Khan

Students, Tahir Academy RTP

"I am learning many new things which I didn't know before and I have learned about the life of prophet Muhammad and I have been enjoying this year and the class and l have made many new friends."

Faisal Ahmad, Level 4

Student, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"I learn a lot because of Tahir Academy, and Sunday is my favorite day because of our Sunday school and I also want to say that our Tahir Academy is actually better than normal schools. I am ready to do anything for our Tahir Academy Inshallah"

Syed Kashif Mahmood, Level 4

Student, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"I like Tahir academy because it is a place for Muslims and it teaches about how Islam came. It teaches about message of Islam and Holy Prophet (s.a)."

Taha Azam, Level 3

Student, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"Tahir Academy is a school for Ahmadi boys and girls. We go through series of déclassé to improve our knowledge of religion and grow closer to Allah. Now a day because of hatred against religion, Tahir Academy gives us a purpose and makes us confident that Allah helps the righteous. I have learned a lot about my religion and its history at Tahir Academy. I have also learned to read Urdu."

Jibran Ata
Student, Tahir Academy Seattle

"I like Tahir Academy because I learn a lot of new surahs and I love to read about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a) and it's fun."

Kamran Ahmad

Student Level 4, Tahir Academy Chicago East

chapter presidents.

"I see young boys and girls coming to the Mosque in the morning for Tahir Academy. I see them running from the parking lot with their bags. Some are on time and some a bit late and rushing to make to the class. The teachers, administrators ready with their set up and ready to receive the children. I see the children sitting in the classes, raising their hands to answer the questions. I see them rushing out of the class for their break, excited and enjoying their snacks. All of a sudden the quietness in the Mosque is replaced by their joyous laughter and bouncing of the basketballs. I see the faces of the parents, I can tell they were up a bit early to make sure their children were ready on time. I see some parents, who were a bit late and walking up hurriedly to the principal to make sure their child can get into the class. I see the future flourishing and maturing in front of me. My satisfaction is like I have saved a lot for my retirement. However, it is much more than that and it is as if we are investing in our present and our future."

Dr. Mansoor Qureshi

President, Detroit Chapter

"Alhamdolillah, Tahir Academy has allowed for great regularity and synchronization of classes for the Atfal and Nasirat for 2 of the Jama'ats (Silver Spring and Laurel) using Masjid Baitur Rahman. Jazakallah."

Dr. Ahmad Malik

President, Silver Spring Chapter

"We are blessed to have Tahir Academy at Baitur Rehman. Among the many positive things I have noticed one is that the mosque is very lively on Sundays, its full with the children. Also due to the children their parents come to the mosque, the attendance of meetings  has also increased. I have a feeling that the children who are enrolled in Tahir Academy will grow up to be true Khadim of Ahmadiyat."

Dr. Atif Zeeshan

President, Laurel Chapter

"Since Tahir Academy was launched with the blessings of Hadhrat Ameerul Momineen (atba) a few years ago, we have seen a real change in our children, not just in terms of gains in spiritual knowledge, but also in their enthusiasm for coming to the mosque.  Parents also are more engaged and are helping out tremendously in the week to week operations of this large endeavor.  With a large group of children (100+) spanning three Jama'ats occupying one mosque, there are certainly logistical challenges, but our local management has done a superb job of handling things well. This has required a lot of patience, sacrifice of time, and, above all, prayers and trust in the  system that was implemented after the Shura proposal was approved by beloved Huzoor."

Dr. Ahsan Khan

President, LA East Chapter

"We are a humble Jama'at of 150 members and when we started discussing the need for Tahir Academy, we felt that we did not have enough resources and students to have a formal Tahir Academy structure. Once we started, I feel that we should have had Tahir Academy established long time ago. Tahir Academy has brought a lot of energy in the Jama'at, parents and students."  

Abdul Hadi Ahmed

President, RTP Chapter

"Establishment of Tahir Academy in our Jamaat has been one of the great blessings for us. It is more true specially for the parents of young kids who been yearning for a platform where their children could receive not only religious knowledge and training but would also be exposed to an environment of pure and pious company.  Although Tahir Academy is primarily meant for the training of our kids, but it also resulted in bringing more volunteer parents coming out to help the kids and thus resulting in more positive activity in the mosque. We also involve newly graduated kids in volunteer activities in order for them to have seamless and productive transition to Khuddam. Alhamdolillah, now it has grown to be an institution established on firm footing. Our Tahir Academy which has grown from 30 to over 50 students."

Suhail Kausar

President, Dallas Chapter

"The rapid success of Tahir Academy is beyond my imagination. It’s amazing to see so many children participating in Tahir Academy classes with interest."

Abdul Karim

President, Chicago East

"Alhamdolillah that Tahir Academy is playing a very vital role in Tarbiyyat of children..

The teachers of LA Tahir Academy are doing wonderful job to provide this opportunity to parents. Iqbal Rana Sb, is a very dedicated administrator and teacher, and take very keen and personal interest to make this academy an effective institution and Alhamdolillah parents are getting its fruits. Alhamdolillah. May Allah bless your efforts and give reward to all management team members. Ameen."

Muzaffar Siddiqi

President, LA-Riverside

"Tahir Academy at Las Vegas has been running since September 2015. We are currently in to our second year of our academic year. Las Vegas Jama'at being a small one, we have been through some hiccups at the beginning, but by the grace of Allah, Tahir Academy is running smoothly. We have 5 young boys and 3 girls enrolled in the Las Vegas Tahir Academy. Dr Asma Tahir Awan MBBS, MPh currently doing her PhD in epidemiology is an excellent Principal with great secular and religious knowledge. Tahir Academy is held every Sunday and starts with Quran class followed by Tarbiyyat class from the Tahir Academy syllabus. Kids are given snacks during their recess. Kids not only have fun but are given religious knowledge. Tahir Academy strengthens the bond of kids with the Jama'at and the mosque, which is very necessary for the people like us who live in the western world. We have to save our children from the fire around us and we have to grow our flowers (kids) in the middle of desert (western world) with love and care and instill Ahmadiyyat and love for Khilafat. I thank the hard working Tahir Academy team to take care of our kids and keep our mosques populated. May Allah bless them for their efforts, Ameen"

Rehan Amir

President, Las Vegas Chapter


"Since it's establishment nationwide, I've had the privilege to directly serve four different Tahir Academies (Baltimore, Harrisburg, Washington DC, and Baitur Rahman) over the last 3 years. The impact a unified institution like Tahir Academy has on our Ahmadi children is beyond words. You have to see it to believe it. The results - the products of this initiative - speak for themselves. I've seen graduates who enjoyed the experience so much that they continued to sneak in to classes and pretend as if they were still students. I've seen graduates return and volunteer themselves to serve as assistants for the Academy. I see these students calling Adhan and leading Salat every week at Masjid Baitur Rahman, our national headquarters. I see the future leaders of Jama`at-e-Ahmadiyyat developing before our very eyes. If this is the level of attachment our children are developing with our mosques, then without any fear for the future, I wholeheartedly pray for the continued success of an institution like this. Herein would be our greatest success. Insha`Allah."

Hammad Ahmad

Imam, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA

"It’s narated by Hz. Abu Huraira that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) stated, ‘If Allah wills good for a person, He causes them to understand the religion.’ The Promised Messiah (as) stated, that he was not worried about the worldly education of his Jama’at members, but was concerned of their spiritual education. After an initial struggle to get the academy up and going, mainly due to lack of motivation, self doubt and some pushback from parents and auxiliaries stating there were too many and overlapping programs. However we bit the bullet and went for it, ad-hoc at first, then slowly you saw the hand of Allah as mentioned by the Holy Prophet (pbuh), willing good for all that were involved. Were there mistakes? Yes. Were understaffed? Absolutely. Were there scheduling and logistical blunders? Definitely. However, over time and with prayers, all these issues were again by Allah’s will, resolved. The auxiliaries  parents, children, all came into a state of synchronicity. We thought we had 35-40 children in our tajneed, but many came out of hibernation after hearing about the Academy, and we’ve had days where we’ve had over 60 children. Allah wills us good, we’ve got to step up to the plate to have a shot at it. This has been an amazing experience to bond with both parents and children in a nurturing and spiritual environment envisioned by our Beloved Messiah."

Imam Azam Akram

Missionary, Chicago East Area

"Tahir Academy is indeed a blessing for our young Nasirat and Atfal, including all those who are Waqfeen and Waqifaat-e-Nau. The impressive feature is that the administrators and teachers are both men and women,and they work closely with the parents. They meet regularly, discuss the challenges, and come with solutions all together. May Allah bless this institution, and He be our help in bring up the young generation to serve His faith most diligently! Ameen!"

Imam Mubashar Ahmad

Missionary, South Region

"Alhamdulillah, Tahir Academy has started in almost every Jama'at. It is well established in many Jama'ats and on its initial stages in others. Many parents who have realized its importance are benefiting from it by bringing their children regularly. However, there are still some who need to realize its value. As a matter of fact, Tahir Academy is a wonderful source of religious education and Tarbiyat. It also provides an opportunity for Ahmadi children to build their network. May Allah enable all of us to realize its importance and obtain the maximum blessings from it. Ameen"

Imam Irshad Malhi

Missionary, Virginia Region

lajna sadran.

I can't thank Allah (swt) enough for the Tahir Academy at Masjid Baitur Rehman, as it has been a source of tremendous blessings for the Headquarters Region. The Academy greatly contributes to fulfilling the key purposes of a masjid: prayer, tarbiyat and socialization. The masjid has become populated more than ever before. Children are not only gaining precious knowledge, but are forging bonds of relationships that would last throughout their lives. InshAllah. I have noted attendance at the Lajna meetings has substantially improved (as a result of holding the meeting on the same day). All-in-all, it is a great success story. May Allah reward all the staff and organizers with His choicest blessings ameen.​

Sabiha Qureshi

Sadr Lajna, Laurel

"JazakAllah for the opportunity to share my thought about the program. This is the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah, and it is our belief that with Allah Ta'alla's guidance and blessing anytime we take a step forward for the betterment of this community, Allah will make it a great success, InshAllah.  To be honest, when we initiated the talk back in May of 2016 about launching Tahir Academy at Chicago East, I was kind of nervous about the regularity and organized structure that was required for this program. But Alhamdolillah, Allah has paved the way for us, Tahir Academy was launched in September of 2016 and is flourishing. I know the program, has worked through few phases of development to be where it is now and still has a long way to go, but the enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism of the administrative team as well as the teachers has really made this a solid program, Alhamdollillah. Children are gaining knowledge and values in a friendly, constructive environment and at a pace they are comfortable with.  I have seen not only, our children developing a strong bond of friendship and respect, but parents as well. 

May Allah enable us to serve this community as best as we can, reward all the volunteers for their selfless efforts, sacrifice of their time and may Allah safeguard our children, our future. Ameen."

Naeema Mahmood

Sadr Lajna, Chicago East

teachers & administrators.

Alhamdulillah, It is a humbling experience to serve as the Vice Principal of Tahir academy Chicago East. We have Tahir academy 3 weeks/ month, and the 4th week is a General Body Meeting. I have met at least 4 families who I’ve rarely seen in the past 3 years at Jamaat meetings but come regularly to Tahir academy and as a result are now attending Jamaat meetings too. Then there is a family that picks up another family on their way to school each week taking them ~2 hrs commuting to class. There is an earnest desire among parents to impart religious training in kids. We have a great team of dedicated teachers. We have a certified Quran Tarteel teacher who does Night Duty as RN and then comes early morning each week for her Holy Quran classes. Children are excited to attend classes each week as well. We are seeing the formation of brotherhood and sisterhood bonds among children from a tender age, which will Insha’Allah, strengthen over time.

Alhamdulillah there are many inspirational stories and I have just shared a few. This could not have been possible if it was without the Blessings of Khilafat.

Amtul Shafi Sahiba

Vice Principal, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"Over the past 3 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity of teaching and helping out with 4 different Tahir Academies in MD, PA, and DC. Each Tahir Academy has its own unique character and strengths, which are a reflection of the talent and dedication of the Principals and staff members of each Academy. 

In my experience, wherever there is a Tahir Academy, a 'family unit' is developed of the Jama'at members who loyally show up every Sunday morning to spend the day together. It is a place for children and parents alike to get to know one another and make new friends. Tahir Academy has become a place where children from all family backgrounds can come together and learn in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment.

Parents of Tahir Academy students have expressed that their children look forward to coming to the Masjid each Sunday to spend time with their friends. Some parents have even expressed that the level of religious knowledge that their children have is beginning to surpass their own! 

I believe that Tahir Academy, backed with the prayers and blessings of Huzoor (aba), is the key to "reforming the youth" in America today. I believe that this institution is what will arm our youth with the knowledge and confidence that they need to replace the opposition in the world with the peaceful teachings of Islam Ahmadiyyat, Insha'Allah!"

Nazia Khurshid Ahmad

Teacher, Tahir Academy Silver Spring

"Tahir Academy continues to have a positive impact on Laurel and Silver Spring Jamaat's, as a mechanism for bringing the members of the 2 jamaats together, as well as enhancing the attendance at various events (monthly meetings for Lajna, khuddam and the Jamaat Aamila and General meetings). We have experienced better coordination of events, and improved intermixing of children from the 2 jamaats, as well. All in all a great improvement. Credit is due to a large number of volunteers who take care of the administrative, logistical, ziafat and teaching responsibilities. Allah bless."

Amjad Qureshi

General Secretary, Laurel Chapter

"Tahir Academy has very good effect on children as they appear to be neat and well dressed in uniforms. Educationally they learn a lot. They learn recitation with Tartil and with correct pronunciation. They memorize suras and other parts of the Holy Qur’an."

Ataurraheem Hamed

Zaim Ansarullah, Harrisburg Chapter

"My seven year old son gets more excited to attend TA classes over his favorite games like soccer and karate."

Umerana Malik

Principal, Tahir Academy RTP Chapter

We started Tahir Academy in September 2014, Since then Parents are very happy and thankful that we provided a platform for their kids. I feel with Allah's Grace the bond between students and parents, students with students and teachers with teachers is much stronger then before because of Tahir Academy. Kids love to come every Sunday for Tahir Academy. Many kids ask me can we have Tahir Academy 5 times in a day.

Uzma D Waqar

Principal, Tahir Academy Seattle


"I will highly recommend that Tahir Academy should be established in every Jamaat of USA; not only in USA, it should be everywhere, wherever the Jamaat has established. I am not a student or a teacher in Tahir Academy but I watch the children as they reap benefits from this initiative. Lots of Jamaat meetings interrupt this class. This practice should be stopped and Tahir Academy should always go as scheduled."

Mubarik Masood Butt

Tahir Academy Central Jersey

"As a parent of a 7 year old Tifl, I am extremely grateful to the RTP Jama'at and the National team for launching the Tahir Academy at RTP a few months back.  This has enabled to fill a big void in the religious training needs of our children especially in this society where there is no religious education provided in schools. Alhamdolillah, this is an excellent program for children to not only gain the much-needed religious educaction but also to build teamwork and long lasting friendships with fellow Ahmadi children and develop a strong bond with the Mosque and the Jama'at. My son is always keen to attend these classes regularly and participate in various interesting projects and enjoy outdoor field trips. May Allah continue to bless this program, its organizers and its teachers."

Shamim Ahmad Malik

Tahir Academy RTP

"Tahir Academy has been an answer to our prayer to Allah for a complete Islamic education for the Jamaat children. Alhamdolillah the dedication of the teachers and volunteers and most of all our Principal Sahiba is a joy to witness and a source of gratefulness to Allah.  The love that the teachers and staff have for the children is the source of the excellent work that we see.  The large number of memorized surah, hadith, and prayers will Inshallah be a source of guidance for the children throughout their life.

In particular, I am happy to see that my son now knows many of the adults personally and has an increased respect for his elders because of their dedication to Tahir Academy.  I am also thankful for the extremely dedicated Ziafat staff, the administration assistant to Principal Sahiba, and the sports staff for the Tahir Academy recess/sports break."

Naimah Lughmani

Tahir Academy Seattle 

"I have three Children, 2 boys (Waleed and Tauhed) and a girl (Sairah). All are Waqfe Nau by the grace of Allah. I am fortunate that all three of them are Tahir Academy Baitul Hameed Mosque, Chino, CA students. They are learning basics of faith and practicing congregational prayers and recitation of Holy Quran. Alhamdolillah by attending its classes they know that prayers are the key to get Allah’s help for everything they need. They recite prayers before eating, sleeping and riding car. In this time this institution is working as a light of hope for me that my children are learning Islamic way of life and in this society, they will be equipped with tools to confront the evils of this society. God bless all teachers, who are doing wonderful work to teach faith to our children."

Naveed Janjua

Tahir Academy LA East

"Our three kids (Triplets), Asim , Mahad and Anmol Quraishi have been students of Tahir academy from the very beginning. We have seen many positive changes in them.

1: They have learned a lot about Ahmadiyyat.
2: They have learned Namaz with translation and many other prayers.
3: They read Quran and say at least two congregational prayers each day.

One of my son says the Azan, another one lays down the prayer rugs. What impresses is the most is that one of my son Asim gets up every morning and we offer Fajar prayers in congregation.
4 : They have made friends in Tahir academy and that I think is one of the best ways to stay connected with the jamat.
5: The boys actively participate in Jamat functions. They like to get involved in many Jamat social events and accompany me on feed the hungry campaigns."

Fateh Quraishi

Tahir Academy LA East

"I am a mother of 3 kids, two of whom have already graduated from Tahir Academy. I am also a certified Holy Quran teacher for level 5, and it is a great honor and pleasure for me to teach these girls on a regular basis every Sunday.

I am blessed to see my youngest son, Baasel Ahmed, in level 4, actively organized in learning the Surah, Ahadith and Prayers of the Holy Quran. It makes me proud of Tahir Academy that it has allowed my son to discuss the stories of all the Prophets, including the life of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), and Promised Messiah A.S. He is always excited to see his friends on Sunday, which makes me feel delighted that he is attaching himself to the Jamat.

I am thankful for all of the excellent teachers, who dedicate their time and effort in educating these young Ahmadis, simply out of the goodness of their hearts. Tahir Academy is successfully able to teach the youth on how to become good human beings and proper Ahmadi Muslims. May Allah enable this blessed Academy to continue in its gracious mission to help the youth in their journey towards becoming an Ahmadi Muslim."

Nuzhat Tahir Sahiba

Tahir Academy LA East

"My three children attend Tahir Academy classes every Sunday at the Baitul Hameed Mosque. Not only do they learn the correct recitation of the Holy Quran, they learn the history of Islam and Ahmadiyyat, basic to advanced teachings of Islam, as well as what it means to be a true, law abiding Muslim. The staff and teachers are very supportive of their students and want everyone to succeed.  I pray that may Allah bless their works and grant success in their efforts to make sure our children learn their religion and identity. Ameen."

Farah Wadood

Mother, Tahir Academy LA East

"My 7-year old daughter and 6-year old son, both attend Tahir Academy. As a parent, I really like the Tahir Academy environment where our children learn the basic knowledge of our religion in an Islamic environment. The children love to attend and socialize with other Ahmadi kids. The TA curriculum is very thorough and provides balanced education in all religious aspects (taleem, tarbiyat, history and Holy Quran). The foundation provided by TA serves as an essential supplement to our efforts to raise our children with Islamic values."

Zia ur Rehman

Father, Tahir Academy LA East

"My two grandsons Samir and Amir had the chance to attend Tahoe Academy. Samir already graduated last year and Amir is still attending grade 6th level. It has given them to be real knowledgeable Ahmadi Members. They are offering prayers regularly. Amir has become excellent speaker. I am fortunate that my Jamaat has provided this kind of facility in this worldly westernized society. I am a proud grandparent of Samir and Amir and a member of Ahmadiyya Jamat."

Fida ul Haq

Grandparent, Tahir Academy LA East

"Tahir Academy has brought a very positive change in our Jamaat. Due to TA, my kids are now having regular structured classes which they love attending every other Saturday. They are keen on making sure the homework is done on time. 

The way TA has divided the syllabus in four different subjects is great. I have seen an improvement is their knowledge since TA began in our jammat. Home work from TA helps me as it gives a guideline of what I need to teach my kids in the next 2 weeks."

Naveera Asaf

Mother, Tahir Academy RTP

"Tahir Academy Seattle has provided a platform for parents like me to come together for religious education of our children. This Academy establishes a friendly environment for my child to learn about Holy Quran, history of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. They socialize and make friends here. Through Tahir Academy my child will develop a foundation of religious knowledge for his future."

Saima Karim

Mother, Tahir Academy Seattle

"Alhamdolliah Tahir Academy has started. My children and I are happy because after a long time, we finally have a organized religious class for Islamic education. Big thank you to the whole Tahir Academy Team."    

Dr. Maqsood Ahmad & family

Tahir Academy Milwaukee


"Tahir Academy has been an integral part of our Jamaat community for almost three years. It has gone through some changes while striving to consistently enrich our children’ lives. Prior to its institution there were separate Nasirat and Atfal classes. While this traditional setup had its own merits, there was a lack of uniformity in Islamic education for our youth. Tahir Academy classes happen on a regular schedule allowing kids to understand expectations and find joy in meeting them. We are blessed to have several male teachers which breaks the mold for most educational settings and involves the entire family working together to reach goals. My daughters understand that homework for Tahir Academy is as important, if not more so, than their school work. We feel it is important to place religious knowledge on similar footing to secular knowledge. It is a great place for young students to get to know each other socially and learn from each other, as well as various teachers’ perspectives. The social platform it provides is vital to future Jamaat unity as lifelong friendships are given the fertile ground to bloom. We appreciate the labor of love that it truly is and pray for its success and the health of all those who sacrifice their time and effort to make it happen."

Nadeem Mohammad

Father, Tahir Academy Dallas

"Tahir Academy has taken our existing Nizaam of Atfal and Nasirat and fine-tuned it to an amazing education experience for the children. The orderly fashion by which all attend and are given special care and attention is wonderful. I am thankful to all the teachers in helping to make our Atfal and Nasirat excel."

Ismat Mahmood

Mother, Tahir Academy Dallas. 

"Tahir Academy has been a huge blessing for us. We needed a Jamat program so that our kids could learn about our religion and Jamat from qualified teachers. Kids have been learning tartilul Quran and history of Islam as well as the contemporary studies. The teachers have been able to answer any questions kids have regarding the issues we are facing these days. We are blessed to have this opportunity in Dallas Jamat."

Zafar Paracha

Father, Tahir Academy Dallas

"We are blessed to have Tahir academy in Chicago east, it is something what were needed the most, for our children. Religious education is important for children anywhere in the world, but in Western countries, we are fortunate to have it. I am privileged to be the part of the academy as a parent and a teacher. And I see that sense of responsibility in my children, and my students to work on some given assignment. May Allah bless everyone efforts in this regard. Ameen."

Shabana Ahmed

Parent & Teacher, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"My kids love to come to Tahir academy. They enjoy learning religious education as well as meeting their friends every week. This is very good for their spiritual as well as social uplifting."

Faiza Ahmad, Parent Tahir Academy Chicago East

"Both my sons attend the Tahir Academy in Chicago East and it's been wonderful experience for us. Teachers are nice; all the management is very helpful. It's a great initiative by jamaat they get to know more and more about Quran Namaz  Islam Ahmadiyyat. Over all it's very very positive step for the children and they interact with other children within the community and make new friends. I highly encourage and support these kind of activities in jamaat overall May Allah bless all the volunteers and bless us all and we become the true servants of Islam and spread the message of peace n Love Ameen...jazakAllah."

Asad Mahmood

Parent, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"I am so happy we have Tahir Academy. There our children learn about religious and moral education, before Tahir Academy classes started, I regularly said to my children many kind of things, like listen Hazoor' s Friday sermon, read any book then you can learn about religion and memories Surah. But now I don't need to say because of Tahir Academy. JazakAllah to all teachers and other team who work hard during the Tahir Academy classes. May Allah give you best reward."

Bushra Tanvir

Parent & Teacher, Tahir Academy Chicago East

"Tahir Academy is great for all Ahmadi children to learn about Islam and Ahmadiyyat. My children are learning many basic things which I think they might not have learned if there was no Tahir Academy. I have seen big changes in my son’s behavior and he is really enjoying Tahir Academy. It should continue in the future. Thanks for everyone who is helping children in Tahir Academy."

Mansoor Ahmad

Parent, Tahir Academy Chicago East


"First of all we thank Allah for making the Khilafat and Nizam-e-Jamat as part of our lives. We would not have it any other way. Second I am so thankful to all those who are part of organizing Tahir Academy and those parents who allow their children to take part in it. I believe that Tahir academy is an immeasurable benefit to our children. Inshallah, Tahir academy program will bring about in our children that is not only positive but will instill in them character of piety. Again, we pray for all those involved in Nizam-e-Jamat and providing our children this blessed gift."

Bashir Ahmad

Parent, Tahir Academy Chicago East